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Quality politics

Quality politics

Certificación ISO 9001​
Agnostic's Management undertakes to comply with this Quality Policy, as well as the applicable regulatory and regulatory requirements, establishing, implementing, maintaining and continuously improving its Quality Management System, through the following pillars:
Business concept
Promote digital transformation efficiently, applying good development practices to the solutions we implement to reduce the times and costs of our clients' operations, and thus optimize their processes and indicators.
Long-term relationships
Build solid and long-term relationships with our clients, partners, external specialized professionals and especially with the people who make up Agnostic.
Work team
Recognize people as the most valuable thing, fostering their personal development, in a stimulating climate that favors teamwork, commitment, training and development, initiative, flexibility and innovation.
Our way of working
Recognize Innovation and Development as the main sources of genuine and sustainable competitive advantages that allow us to develop quality products that meet and exceed customer expectations in a professional and responsible manner, conducting permanent evaluations that allow us to evolve and achieve continuous improvement.
Economic sustainability
Ensure that our activity is economically sustainable, long-term and based on principles of transparency and honesty.
Effective Date: 06/17/2021

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