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CRM software is an excellent tool to automate processes, increase sales, integrate the efforts of marketing, sales and customer service teams and boost your business.

Whether your business is just starting or is growing, having a customer management system is indispensable. Being able to manage contacts in a simple way, improve the internal communication of the work teams and have a total visibility of the pipeline is one of the main advantages of a CRM.

In addition, a CRM implementation will allow you to optimize resources, save time and work more efficiently by concentrating only on the strategic part of the business thanks to the process automation.

CRM services: Main functionalities

 Contact record: allows you to obtain the lead data, the company profile, the status of each commercial transaction and all the information necessary to make a successful sale.

 Registro de actividades: el software CRM puede sincronizarse con tus cuentas de Gmail y Outlook para que toda acción que hagas quede registrada (si actualizas una propiedad, si le creas un deal, etc.).   

✔ Pipeline visibility: You can easily see how your sales funnel is doing and check the status of the commercial situation in any period of time (you can see scheduled appointments, number of contracts sent and opportunities won / lost). 

 Email templates: dentro de los servicios CRM para optimizar el tiempo se encuentra la función que te permite responder consultas de clientes a través de plantillas personalizadas. También podrás realizar un monitoreo para saber cómo puedes mejorar tu proceso de ventas.  

Thanks to the development of a CRM strategy for your after-sales, marketing and sales teams, you will achieve a better relationship with your customers, attract them, interact more quickly and retain them to turn them into promoters of your brand.

CRM. Customer relationship management concept. Customer service and relationship.

CRM Implementation: How does it work exactly?

Customer relationship management software, or known worldwide as CRM, is the backbone of any organization. It is the skeleton or foundations of a construction site that allows you to host the entire contact database of the organization, from leads to recurring customers.

Its main importance lies in the fact that later, through strategies designed by each team (sales, marketing and customer service), marketing, commercial and service actions will be carried out depending on the phase in which each lead is found .

An efficient CRM management will allow you to make all your processes visible, identify and measure the exact results of your investment in each business area, optimize times and make better decisions.

CRM in Sales: Main benefits for the commercial team

  • Optimization: saving of resources and time by using the CRM platform.
  • Centralization: customer base and contacts easily accessible and in a single integrated platform. base de clientes y contactos de fácil acceso y en una sola plataforma integrada 
  • Analytics: customized reports to track, analyze and monitor commercial teams.
  • Qualification: predict the probability that a sales opportunity has of becoming a customer
  • Omnichannel: allows sellers to have conversations with customers on various channels and to follow up.
  • Automation: creation of work workflows to streamline the commercial process and allocate more time to strategic activities.
  • Customization: assembly of sales pipelines according to the needs of each business, creation of custom tasks and properties.
  • Visibility: a CRM allows teams to know the status of each lead, in what phase of the funnel they are and know if they were contacted.

CRM in Marketing: Main benefits for the team

  • Segmentation: customer management efficiently to define the right audience for each marketing action.
  • Automation: automatic actions to nurture leads who are interested but not yet ready to buy and segmentation.
  • Creation: of web pages, blogs, contact form, email marketing campaigns, social media content and landings pages.
  • Analytics: generation of reports to analyze, measure and monitor the efforts made by the marketing team.
  • Optimization: SEO optimization tools.
  • Integration CRM software allows you to work together with the sales team to know the status of each lead generated.
Mano sosteniendo teléfono móvil con una conversación abierta con un chatbot.

CRM in Services: Main benefits for the team

  • Omnichannel: allows the team to hold conversations with customers on various channels in an agile and simple way.
  • Automation: creation of workflows to streamline the customer service process.
  • Follow-up: generation of ticket system to open cases and carry out follow-ups.
  • Information: provides relevant data to measure the impact of customer service and make decisions.
  • Communication: administration of chatbots, live chat and knowledge base.
  • Speed: speeds up the resolution of inquiries about products or services.

CRM Consulting

Although a CRM is vital for the growth of your business, so is its correct use by teams. The importance of training the sales, marketing and customer service teams is evident so that they can take full advantage of the functionalities and benefits of the platform.

In medium and small companies it can happen that teams resist CRM due to ignorance or fear, and that is where it is necessary to develop actions to accompany and support teams during the transition process.

In short, to attract, interact and delight your customers you must have a customer management platform and provide tools to the teams. Once properly trained, you will be able to get the most out of the software CRM.