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We recruit and offer top-tier outsourced talent

We accelerate recruitment processes by outsourcing talent to shorten times, optimize resources and meet business objectives

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What is the offshore service?

The Offshore service consists of relocating work teams where processes or areas that are not part of the core business are outsourced so that businesses can focus on their value proposition, save costs and speed up processes.

Agnostic IT provides outsourced talent tailored to different types of industries.

Industry Highlights

54% of companies worldwide report a shortage of IT staff.

30% of IT positions became vacant in 2020.

30% Fintechs will create 20,000 jobs distributed in 300 companies.

What we offer

We shorten recruitment and staff training times. We align our offshore staff to achieve the goals proposed by your company

We find and offer talents

Agile methodologies

Staff trained to work in agile environments

Qualified and competitive people worldwide

Talents with a professional profile at an international level

Professionals with a technological profile

We are experts in finding talent in the IT world

Full command of the language

Bilingual human capital for effective communications

Reduction of costs in hiring personnel and equipment.

Reduced contracting and supply times thanks to the outsourcing of personnel. Especially useful for incorporating new business areas

Increased speed of business processes

By outsourcing time-consuming tasks like customer service or non-core processes, you can free up the schedule in your day to focus on what you need to get done.

Mayor concentración en las áreas centrales

When you outsource the rest, you can focus on your internal team and business goals.

How does it work

We focus on offering fast and efficient service processes

Tell us your need

We release the information

We present the ideal candidate

We provide selected talents

We reward you the first project!

Fill in your information and a representative will contact you to access the benefit.

We will be contacting you in the next 48 business hours

About Agnostic IT

What we do

We drive business digital transformation by implementing each aspect. We align efforts with our clients' teams.