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Guia para detectar qué procesos de negocio se pueden automatizar

What is a Task Automation Center of Excellence (CoE) 

The robotic automation of processes and is a technology focused on the automation of repetitive and routine tasks in order to reduce manual activities, reduce operating costs, increase productivity and increase organizational efficiency.

The creation of a Center of Excellence or CoE (English: Center of Excellence) serves to have a better understanding of RPA processes , apply best practices, Plan more strategically and integrate automation efforts within the organization.

A CoE is a working group where RPA robot best practices are formulated based on technical knowledge and the organization's own experience. Allows the company to integrate RPA optimization, exchange experiences, make better decisions based on real data and define an effective governance system.

It is recommended that the CoE of Robot Process Automation (RPA) is made up of an internal team that works within the company and an outsourced team with the aim of providing a fresh and unbiased look. Members must have a team manager, technical profiles, functional roles and their purpose is to collaborate in a comprehensive manner.

As the The digital transformation process becomes more necessary , organizations become increasingly competitive and it is necessary to create a CoE in order to lay solid foundations and develop a system of scalable task automation that allows monitoring and maintenance of existing automations as well as the development of new implementations.

Why a Center of Excellence?  

When thinking about robotic automation of tasks, should take into account not only how the organization could benefit commercially with this technology, but also on how to integrate the solution into the business culture to achieve success.

The creation of a CoE solves challenges related to the scalability of the business and the governance model of RPA robots, since it develops guidelines and work methodologies to be able to grow in a sustained manner and economically profitable.

Likewise, it also contemplates the management of organizational change , that is, it takes into account the psychological and emotional implications of the new technology on employees, developing strategies to communicate how RPA can facilitate team tasks instead of replacing jobs.

In the same way, also takes into account possible contingencies (such as a lack of permissions and access to systems, an overlap of robotic processes, or changes in development) and raises different action scenarios . for

It is important that as a company acquires more RPA technology, it can coordinate it and define where and when the bots are going to run.

Benefits of having a Center of Excellence

Benefits of a center of excellence

Armado del CoE

An RPA Center Of Excellence has 3 dimensions, it is made up of a maturity level, a scope level and a delivery level .

The first step in setting up a CoE is to define the level of maturity it will have and coordinate the following aspects: 

On the other hand, it is necessary to define the degree of scope that the CoE will find within the organization and in which business areas it will intervene. It implies creating a description of the responsibilities in the definition of the processes on which the center will have input and implementation.

And finally, the CoE must have a delivery model, that is, a clear definition of which activities within task automation will be developed in-company and which will be outsourced.

CoE: What are the organizational models

When setting up an RPA solution Center of Excellence within an organization, there are three organizational model options that can be used to get the most out of it. 

The first option is to create a decentralized CoE. Its features include the following:

The second option is to develop a centralized Center of Excellence that will have the following aspects:

The third way is to choose a node model that will be the combination of a centralized and a decentralized CoE.

Whether you choose to develop a centralized, decentralized or node CoE, this space will seek the implementation of best practices, the creation of standardized processes and the sustained and orderly growth along with a reduction of costs for the organization.

Guia para detectar qué procesos de negocio se pueden automatizar